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As per November government guidelines we remain open throughout the latest lockdown.

To book an appointment please call us at: 0208 367 0321, or alternatively you can email us at: varneyphysio1@aol.com.

The safety of our patients and staff is of the foremost importance and therefore we have implemented social distancing, PPE and infection control protocols to ensure the safety of all those entering the clinic.


History of Varney Physio

The practice was established in 1976 by Mike Varney, physiotherapist for Tottenham Hotspur FC. Varney Physio is now owned and run by Steve Varney (Mike’s son) and is based at the original practice in Enfield. It has developed into a modern and busy physiotherapy and diagnostics clinic.  

Varney Physio provides a unique service that puts the diagnosis of your problem at the forefront of treatment.  


Our process

On booking an appointment, you will be offered a physiotherapy appointment or alternatively a diagnostic appointment.

We believe the most successful way of treating new injuries is to get a clear diagnosis. You will be seen by one of our joint-qualified physiotherapist/sonographers who will take a detailed history, physically examine you and finally evaluate the injury by ultrasound. If further investigations such as an MRI scan are required this can be organised during the appointment. 

Alternatively, you can receive a comprehensive clinical assessment from a member of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department. If the physiotherapist believes further investigations are required they can organise this for the following appointment.  

Back and neck problems are triaged (assessed) directly into the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department where you will be provided with a personalised treatment and a rehabilitation plan.  

Varney Physio also specialises in ultrasound-guided injections for a variety of tendon, degenerative or inflammatory conditions. Examples of common injections performed are: frozen shoulder steroid injections (including hydrodistension if required), Hyaluronic knee and hip injections for osteoarthritis, PRP injections (or simple fenestration procedures under local anaesthetics) for stubborn tendonopathies.


Years in practice


New clients in 2017


Shocks (FSWT) administered on tendons in 2017


Treatments performed since opening


Diagnostics, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
  • IMS (Intramuscular stimulation)
  • FSWT (Focused shockwave therapy)
  • RSWT (Radial shockwave therapy)
  • Bespoke rehabilitation
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • USG Injections (Ultrasound guided)


Our physiotherapy sessions are in 30 minute blocks. During these sessions we will incorporate several different treatment modalities and ensure all your questions are answered. You will leave with a clear understanding of what to expect physically after the treatment and any specific changes you are required to make whilst you recover.

injection clinic

We have a dedicated injections room, which contains the latest high-tech imaging equipment to ensure the injection is correctly located. 

The room was created to be a comfortable environment where patients will have the procedure fully explained before it commences.


Rehabilitation programs take place in our fully equipped rehabilitation gym.

You will be provided with one-on-one instruction with one of our physiotherapists who will create a bespoke program specifically tailored for your individual injury recovery. One size does not fit all!


Our diagnostic service allows our dual qualified physiotherapists/sonographers to combine real-time ultrasound imaging and orthopaedic assessments to evaluate the injury at a much deeper level.

Ultrasound provides a more accurate diagnosis as many injuries have mimicking symptoms. 

what Our patients
think about us

"The knowledge and care at Varney is incredible, they helped me return to competing quicker than i'd thought possible!"
Paula Enfield, Cross-fit competitor.

"Whenever a client experiences an issue i'm always confident Varney will be able to help them or will know of a treatment which will"
Doug Stone, Personal Trainer.

"I've been going to Varney on-and-off for the past 10 years to ease my back pain, I couldn't recommend them highly enough!"
Steve Chambers, IT Support.

"I was unable to make a fist, grip drumsticks or use a pencil for any prolonged length of time. Steve’s swift diagnosis and deep needle treatment released the problem there and then, literally within minutes!"
Lester Bennett, Design Consultant & Drummer.


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T: 020 8367 0321

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