Expert musculoskeletal pain clinic

Varney Physio are Enfield's specialised provider of Physiotherapy, Diagnostic Ultrasound Scans and Ultrasound Guided Injections.


We use a combination of manual therapy and the latest technologically advanced treatments to resolve your pain and heal injuries. All of our physiotherapy treatments are inclusive at no extra costs.

ultrasound guided injections

Our injection specialists use ultrasound imaging to precisely guide pain relieving injections. We offer a range of injectable therapies used to treat common elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain.

DIAGNOStic ultrasound scans

Our dual trained physiotherapist sonographers specialise in diagnostic ultrasound imaging specifically for musculoskeletal injuries. Ultrasound imaging is particularly useful for diagnosing hand, elbow, shoulder, knee, foot and muscle injuries.

we have been treating and managing pain since 1976...

The practice was established by Mike Varney, physiotherapist for Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Varney Physio is now owned and run by Steve Varney (Mike’s son) and is based at the original practice in Enfield. It has developed into a modern and busy physiotherapy and diagnostics clinic.

we believe that effective treatment must begin with a clear diagnosis...

All our physiotherapists will take a detailed history & a comprehensive physical examination. 

If your physiotherapist believes further investigations are required this can be organised quickly as we have in-house diagnostic ultrasound scans. Alternatively private local MRI scans can be arranged typically within 48 hours.

the 4 pillars of our practice:


Our physiotherapy sessions are in 30 minute blocks. During these sessions we will incorporate several different treatment modalities and ensure all your questions are answered. You will leave with a clear understanding of what to expect physically after the treatment and any specific changes you are required to make whilst you recover.

Price: £55

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injection clinic

We have dedicated injection rooms containing the latest high-tech imaging equipment to ensure the injection is correctly located. The room was created to be a comfortable environment where patients will have the procedure fully explained before it commences.

Pricing from £195



Rehabilitation programs take place in our fully equipped rehabilitation gym. You will be provided with one-on-one instruction with one of our physiotherapists who will create a bespoke program specifically tailored for your individual injury recovery. One size does not fit all!



Our diagnostic service allows our sonographers to combine real-time ultrasound imaging and orthopaedic assessments to evaluate the injury at a much deeper level. Ultrasound provides a more accurate diagnosis as many injuries have mimicking symptoms. Please note, we do not scan lumps, bumps or hernias. Ultrasound can not be used to scan spinal problems - if imaging is required an MRI scan can be arranged.

Price: £120 including report


"The knowledge and care at Varney is incredible, they helped me return to competing quicker than i'd thought possible!"
Paula Enfield, Cross-fit competitor.

"Whenever a client experiences an issue i'm always confident Varney will be able to help them or will know of a treatment which will"
Doug Stone, Personal Trainer.

"I've been going to Varney on-and-off for the past 10 years to ease my back pain, I couldn't recommend them highly enough!"
Steve Chambers, IT Support.

"I was unable to make a fist, grip drumsticks or use a pencil for any prolonged length of time. A swift diagnosis and IMS released the problem there and then, literally within minutes!"
Lester Bennett, Design Consultant & Drummer.

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